February 28, 2012

And the Apologetic Dins :: Heavy Glory

The Album is here!

Cameron Hatch and I finished the album a while ago, but we just got around to printing it and making it available to you. The album is called "Heavy Glory" and we hope that it brings a smile to your face. If you are interested in buying the album you can get the CD for $7 or download it for $5 from CDbaby.com. An album release party is also in the works, so stay tuned for that.

You can also check us out on Facebook. Just type: And the Apologetic Dins

May 17, 2011


Hey! Again life has got the best of me. I've been really busy and sadly this blog is not too high on the list of priorities. But here's some things to be looking for in the near future:

* New Musical Venture (first album almost complete!)

*More Work for me in the Summer and Fall at Olympic College

*New Paintings (check them out on www.brad-dinsmore.com)

*Gearing up for art shows (exhibit in Carlsbad, CA next week, cleaning up for Parlour Room Gallery's show on the 28th of this month, and working like mad to fill up a gallery for a solo show this fall at Helen S. Smith Gallery at GRCC).

* Plus look forward to possible and unpredictable rants at any given time.

February 19, 2011

Butch T in the House

When you paint a mural for my sister and her husband, you'd better bring a bunch of crimson paint.

Here's a picture of the mural I'm painting in their "Coug Room." It isn't quite finished, but you can see it's coming along. When it's done we'll have to have a celebration - Cougar Gold and Boones Farms passes. Go Gougs!

January 26, 2011

This Is Love

Check out my website to see my latest batch of ballpoint pen drawings. I'm planning on doing a bunch of paintings very similarly to these drawings. Just wait for 'em...They're going to be good.

November 30, 2010

New Job!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be teaching Drawing again. I will begin teaching at Olympic College in Bremerton WA January 3rd 2011. I am very excited to be a part of the art program at OC and to share my passion with students, faculty and the community at large!

November 18, 2010

Too Much Good News

I am so blessed that I really haven't had time to blog. I've got a pretty sweet drawing in the works, messing around writing a song (or two), working (and finding more work as a teacher again!), preparing for another Parlour Room show, and spending time with my wonderful family and friends. So much to be thankful for!

October 11, 2010

South M

There's usually a lot of compromise with murals, and this one was certainly no exception. It was already weird before I introduced Sasquatch into the picture and maybe I just pushed it over the edge. But overall it was fun and I thank everyone that contributed in the craziness that took place on South M Street in Tacoma.